How To Buy A Baby Monitor?

Baby’s safety is the utmost priority for the parents. It is evident that because parents have to take care of their newborn most of the time. Due to infant care parent finds very less time to enjoy social gathering or parties. The simple solution to this problem is a baby monitor. Baby monitor is a device which enables you to keep track each and activity of your baby.

Baby monitors have sensors which can detect even slightest of the baby noise, you can attend your baby as and when the monitor alarms you. This article summarizes few tips to be considered while buying a baby monitor.

Baby Monitors

How To Buy A Baby Monitor?

  1. Before buying a bay monitor, make sure you check for Underwriters Labs (UL) mark which ensure a safety check for the device.
  2. A motion sensor present in few latest models help in detecting small movements. It also give notification if the baby stops moving. This prevents SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in babies.
  3. It is advisable to have an ultra sensitive microphones attached so that you can even hear in it in loud and as well as in pin drop silence.
  4. Prefer a monitor with alarm clock. The alarm will enable you to keep a track of baby’s feeding time.
  5. Portable baby monitors are handy and easy. They can be easily tuck in the belt clips and also provide a clear picture
  6. Wireless monitors are risk free, as they reduce the risk of baby tangling in the wires. Moreover, they also provide freedom and flexibility of playing to the baby.
  7. Monitors with camera should be preferred over audio-visual camera. It enables you to visualize your baby’s activities even at dim lights.

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